MAGNET Collage: RD-M1 data – Creating a point cloud

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Fuse menu

  1. Select the RD-M1 run in the Workspace window.
  2. Navigate to Fuse > Cloud.

Create cloud

  1. Keep Density at the lowest value possible matching the Precision field.
  2. Enter the desired Sigma value.
    • Recommended value of 10-15 cm
  3. Click Start.

RD-M1 filter

Along with joining the scan lines into a single point cloud, the RD-M1 filter is applied to the points. This alters the vertical values of points within the filter's range, averaging the GNSS position among the passes and eliminating LIDAR noise. The sigma value is the size of the RD-M1 filter applied to the cloud.

The filter is designed to mimic the way the Sonic Tracker used on the paver would see the collection of points in the cloud. Thus, the recommended sigma value matches the size of the tracker's foot print within its operational range of 10 to 15 cm in diameter. Using a value too small will result in a noisy point cloud, and a value that is too large will artificially smooth the point cloud.