MAGNET Collage: Publish to Collage Web

Workspace Window

From the Workspace Window, select the desired Cloud, Model or Project to be published in MAGNET Collage Web, right-click on mouse and select Publish to Collage Cloud

NOTE: This can also be done through the Ribbon menu by:

  1. Selection
  2. Edit
  3. Web Service
  4. Publish

Publish - Input Data

Check the data you want to publish.

If "Merge items of the same type in each project" is checked, same type data in each project of MAGNET Collage will be merged into one layer and uploaded.

A layer name suffix can be set for all the merged layers.

If "Create new Collage Web Project with the published layers" is checked, new Collage Web project which contains the uploaded layers will be created.

The coordinate System and Geoid can be manually set for the project.

Publish - Connection

Input your "User ID" and "Password" and click Connect.

After login successfully done, click Finish to start uploading.

For each system you can Upload:


  • Point Cloud
  • Panorama Image
  • Trajectory
  • Primitives


  • Point Cloud
  • Panorama Image
  • Primitives


  • Point Cloud
  • Primitives