IP-S3: Basic Training - Data Collection

Base Station Data

  • When collecting IP-S3 data, it is recommended to log static GNSS data from a base station(s) for the duration of the IP-S3 data collection to achieve higher positional accuracy.
  • Common forms of acquiring base station data are:
    • Via user setting a local base over a known control point and logs the raw GNSS data.
    • User downloading publicly available reference station with corresponding coordinates and raw GNSS data.  

Getting Started

  • To collect data, first ensure that the IP-S3 system and logging PC are powered on and connected.
  • Open the Mobile Master Field software application
  • Under the main screen of Mobile Master Field, select Collect
    • Please ensure to quit / exit all other active application software during data collection in Mobile Master Field
  • After selecting Collect, Mobile Master Field will open and engage into the collection mode of the software. 
  • During this time, the vehicle on which the IP-S3 system is mounted must be in an open GNSS environment and must be stationary for the system to initialize.

Control Buttons

The Collection screen has the following control buttons:

  • Record toggles from operation check to collection
  • Pauses the data collection
  • Skips the static and kinematic alignments
  • Exits / ends the data collection mode
  • Terminates data collection saving forcibly
  • Returns to the Home Screen

Collection Status

While in the Collection Mode, the user can check the status on each sensor by clicking each icon to display details.

  • Ensure that all Icons at the left side of the screen are not highlighted yellow or red, which would indicate the following:
    • Icon background
      yellow = sensor warning
    • Icon background
      red = sensor error

Recording Data

To begin recording data, position the vehicle and IP-S3 in an open sky / good GNSS environment and then put the vehicle into park.

  • Select the Record Icon at the top left of the collection screen.
    • Set the path destination for the IP-S3 data to be recorded.
    • Select the forward arrow icon to accept the path settings and begin the static alignment.

Static/Kinematic Alignment

  • Once path settings have been set and accepted, Mobile Master Field will begin the data collection with a static alignment that takes ten (10) seconds to complete.  During this time, it is important to not move the vehicle.
  • After the static alignment has completed, the application will prompt the user to perform a kinematic alignment.
    • The user must perform and physically click/check each condition
  • As soon as the Kinematic Alignment has been completed, data logging will begin.
  • The main screen of Mobile Master Field will display the real-time trajectory and scan. 
  • The view can be toggled between 2D and 3D by clicking the icons located on the main screen (outlined in red)

Data Collection complete

To stop data collection, click the Stop button located in the top right of the screen, seen in the display to the right outlined in red

  • Pressing the stop icon will then prompt the user to perform an ending kinematic alignment. 
    • The user must perform and physically click/check each condition

Once the ending kinematic alignment conditions have been completed, position the vehicle and IP-S3 in an open sky / good GNSS environment and press the Stop icon again

  • The system and software will begin an ending static alignment which will last for ten (10) seconds.  During this time, it is important to not move the vehicle.
  • Completing this will display a message stating that collection has been successful.

Turning off the IP-S3 System

Proper power off / shutdown sequence:

With data collection completed, the software and system can be shut down.

  • Close the Mobile Master Field software application.
  • Shut down Windows and the logging PC by clicking the Start menu in Windows and selecting Shutdown
  • After the logging PC has completed the shutdown, the toggle switches on the Power Regulator and then the main power switch can be put into the off position.