Harvest Tracker: Field Screen Information

Fields Dialogue Box

  1. Add New File: Click to add a set of fields (file). The program will ask for a file name to represent these fields. An example of a file name would be Harvest 2016.
  2. Copy Field File: Click to copy an existing file and give it a new name. 
  3. Delete Selected File: Click to delete a file.
  4. Move Selected File: Click the up or down arrow to reorder the selected file up or down.
  5. Field & Accumulator Cells: Click in the cell to modify a Field or Accumulator value.
  6. Delete Selected Fields: Click to delete a field/accumulator.
  7. Move Selected Fields: Click the up or down arrow to reorder Field. This order will be the order they show up on the indicator.
  8. Adobe Acrobat (PDF): Click to turn the report into a PFD.
  9. Microsoft Excel: Click to export to Excel.