GT Series: LPS OAF upgrade procedure

Instructions to install and activate LPS OAF on GT-1000 and GT-1200 Series robotic total stations

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GT Series: LPS OAF upgrade procedure


The LPS upgrade is available for the GT-1000 and 1200 Series instruments only. 

You must purchase OAF, LPS Upgrade Kit for GT and receive confirmation.

The Topcon Options team will email the OAF between 24-48 hours after the order has been processed.

Installation preparation

Load a fully charged battery into the instrument battery compartment. 

Using a blank USB drive with the FAT32 format, copy the OAF from the email received from the Topcon Options team to a USB drive.

Save the OAF in the root folder of a blank USB flash drive.

NOTE: The file name is the GT instrument serial number followed by the file type *.OAF.

Connect to instrument

Open the external interface hatch, and insert the USB flash drive into the USB Port 1.

Installing OAF in Update Mode

With the instrument powered off, press and hold down the Input Mode and Light buttons.

Press the power button.

The GT will power on in Update Mode.

The instrument will begin the installation when Update Mode is shown.

Confirm the OAF activation was successful

When completed, turn the instrument off and then power on. 

The LPS MC line item will be displayed as ON.