GT Series: Firmware update procedure

Installing firmware updates for GT Series instruments

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GT Series: Firmware update procedure

Why are firmware updates needed?

Firmware updates improve instrument performance including motor and tracking functionality.

These updates to the operating system are released as needed and should always be installed upon release to ensure optimal performance of the instrument.

Firmware is now available on myTopcon

Firmware updates for GT Series instruments are published on the myTopcon product page on the Firmware & Software Updates page.

Downloading firmware

There are two separate firmware installers:

  • GT-500/1000
  • GT-600/1200

The application file in the individual ZIP files is named Setup_Eng.

Update using a USB drive

Download the firmware from myTopcon.

Extract the file from the downloaded ZIP file.

Copy the executable Setup_Eng to a USB drive.

Connecting to instrument

Open the external interface hatch, and insert the USB flash drive into the USB port 1.


While the instrument is powered off, press and hold down the Input Mode and Light buttons.

Press the power button.

The GT will power on in Update mode.

Update mode

The instrument will begin the firmware update when Update mode is shown.

Installation complete

The instrument will display the installation details and power down when completed.

Confirm firmware update using the version details

Power the instrument on.

Confirm the firmware details displayed on the instrument match the details and show the updated version information.