GR-i3: How to connect via Bluetooth to a Windows 7 PC

This article explains how to connect a GR-i3 via Bluetooth to a Windows 7 PC for use with Topcon Receiver Utility.

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GR-i3: How to connect via Bluetooth to a Windows 7 PC


This method of connecting a GR-i3 via Bluetooth to a Windows 7 PC is used with the TRU program to look at firmware versions and option authorization files. This quick guide is to assist you in pairing your computer to a GR-i3.

Note: You cannot load firmware over Bluetooth. This is only to view options and check firmware versions. 

Step 1

Ensure the GR-i3 is powered on.

Ensure your PC's Bluetooth is turned on.

Select the Start button, and go to Devices and Printers. Click Add a device.

Add the device that you wish to pair to your PC via Bluetooth pairing, and click Next.

Step 2

Enter a pairing code. Note: For this demonstration, 1111 was used.

Click Next.

Step 3

Click Close.

Step 4

Navigate to Devices and Printers, and select the device being paired.

Step 5

Go to the Services tab in your device properties, and make a note of the port that says:

  • GPS COM Port 1

Note: This example is COM59.

This port is the one you will use to connect to it.

Step 6

Open the TRU program.

Go to the Receiver Managing tab.

Select your device, and click Connect.

When connecting, select Serial Port in the Connect Using drop-down menu.

Search for the port you noted in the Services tab in step 5.

Step 7

Click Connect to connect to the device.


The GR-i3 is now connected via Bluetooth.