FC-6000/FC-5000: Using "F" keys

This article explains how to take a screenshot with the FC-5000 or FC-6000 controller.

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FC-6000/FC-5000: Using "F" keys

The FC-5000 and FC-6000 have programmable keys, a power/suspend key, a windows key, an enter key, an escape key, and a navigation pad.

The keys are sealed and have backlight illumination.

Beginning at the top of the keypad, the functions are as follows:

  • Power key
  • Escape key
  • Enter (Return) key
  • Directional (Up, Down, Left, Right) key
  • F1 (Volume Up) programmable key
  • F2 (Volume Down) programmable key
  • Windows key

Programmable keys

The F1, F2, and ESC keys can be configured to launch applications or functions.

To adjust the programmable keys, open the Start menu, and select Keypad (located at the bottom of the Start menu screen in a shortcut tile). The Keypad Buttons and Backlight panel appears. The programmable keys and their current assignments are shown. Select your preferred function for each key from the drop-down lists.

Common "F" key programming assignments

  • Take a screen capture (same as Windows + Print Screen hotkey): Saves a copy of the screen to a file in the Screenshots folder within the Pictures folder.
  • Copy screen to clipboard (same as Print Screen hotkey): Full screen is stored in the clipboard so you can paste it into an application like Microsoft Word or Paint.
  • Copy current window to clipboard (same as Alt + Print Screen hotkey): Screenshot of active window is stored in the clipboard so you can paste it into an application like Word or Paint.