FC-6000: Using an offline account or a Microsoft account during setup

How to use an offline account or a Microsoft account during setup

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FC-6000: Using an offline account or a Microsoft account during setup

Create a Microsoft account or a local offline account

Here’s one basic question you might ask yourself before you turn on either the FC-5000 or FC-6000 controller:

Do I need a Microsoft account?

I need a Microsoft account: Create or login to your existing Microsoft account

Microsoft recommends creating an account. Although it’s not necessary, a Microsoft account can make operating on Windows 10 easier. For example, an account gives you access to Microsoft services and security features like Find My Device, and it remembers your account settings, allowing personalized settings to follow you from device to device.

Now, turn on your controller, and say hello to Cortana, Microsoft’s digital voice assistant. Cortana will walk you through the setup process. Here you’ll connect to Wi-Fi and log in to your Microsoft account.

I don’t need a Microsoft account: Create an offline account

Many companies run a single software on the rugged tablet and want to make startup as fast and easy as possible. These companies often bypass the username and password fields with an offline account. An offline account does not require that a password be set, and it will help to avoid any potential problems due to a lost password or forgotten Microsoft account email and user credentials.

Here's how to create an offline account:

During the setup process, when you arrive at the Let’s connect you to a network page, select Skip for now. On the Who’s going to use this PC? page, you’re required to enter something. (You might enter Work.) Once you’re prompted to Create a super memorable password, click Next without entering a password.

You can now log on to your FC-5000 or FC-6000 without entering a username or password. After this process, however, you should connect your device to Wi-Fi and restart it. Otherwise, Windows won’t fully activate.

I want to switch to an offline account

If you already set up your controller with a Microsoft account, you can backtrack and use an offline account.

Navigate to Start > Settings > Accounts > Your info. Select Sign in with a local account instead. If you’re asked to set up a password, and you are not concerned with access security on your controller, leave the password fields blank.

This change doesn't affect any files or installed Windows desktop programs.