FC-5000/FC-6000: Field controller touch profiles

This article explains using and settting touch profiles in the FC-5000 and FC-6000 field controllers.

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FC-5000/FC-6000: Field controller touch profiles

Capacitive multi-touch interface

The FC-5000 and FC-6000 controllers are equipped with a capacitive multi-touch interface for use with gloves or a small tip stylus and can function in wet conditions. 

The screen is made with chemically strengthened Dragontrail™ High Ion-Exchange (HIE™) coverglass for impact and scratch resistance.

Touchscreen touch control setting

To access the touchscreen profiles, select the icon on the desktop, or select Touch Profiles from the Windows menu by selecting the Windows icon in the lower left of the display.

You can select the profile you want the screen optimized for based on the environment you are working in and your personal preference.

Profile choices include:

  • Finger
  • Stylus or finger
  • Glove
  • Stylus
  • Wet

You can try different profiles to see which one works best for the conditions the controller is being used in.

To adjust the Touch Control setting, swipe down from the top twice to see all of the Quick Settings, and tap and hold Touch Settings. Make a selection from the list of options that is shown. You can also go to Settings > Touch Control.

Using in wet conditions

When using the controller in wet conditions, you must use your finger or the soft-tipped stylus that is included, even after selecting the Wet Touch Control profile.

The hard-tipped stylus is not supported with this profile. Third party styli might work with the controller's touchscreen. However, third party styli performance may vary.

Touchscreen enable/disable

There are times when you might want to disable the touchscreen (so selections are not inadvertently made, for example). A keypad button can be set up to provide this function. Go to Settings > Keypad. Select Advanced to see all of the keys. Select the key you want to use. A list of options is shown for that key (scroll up and down to see them all). Select Touchscreen enable/disable.