FC-5000: Verizon Wireless SIM card installation and activation troubleshooting

FC-5000 will not activate with a Verizon SIM card

If you are not able to activate an FC-5000 unit with Verizon Wireless, here are some possible causes and solutions.

FC-5000 units that have Original OS Version: 18323 (as can be viewed in Device Info) were also shipped with the Sierra Wireless AirPrime 74xx cellular modem "UNIFIED" version 4836 generic driver.


This driver combines the previously separate drivers but removes the automatic network detection for non-GSM carriers such as Verizon. Carrier specific firmware must be manually installed for the cell modem instead. Or it may be simpler to just install the previous separate drivers which provide automatic network detection for carriers such as Verizon. Once the network has been detected, the newer driver can be installed again if desired.

Make sure the SIM card is properly inserted. A Micro SIM card must be used and not a Nano SIM in a Micro adapter. Adding a pull tab to the SIM card is recommended for future removal. Once the card is inserted, perform a Restart.

The SIM card must have an active laptop modem data plan. Consumer smartphone or tablet data plans may not work with the serial number to register the unit with Verizon.

FC-5000 units with Microsoft Windows 10 which were originally purchased prior to official certification in July 2016 were not registered with Verizon. Similarly, FC-5000 units with Android 5.1 AOSP which were originally purchased prior to official certification in January 2018 were not registered with Verizon. Please contact your dealer with the serial number and IMEI number to register the unit with Verizon.

Build 4836 provides a "UNIFIED" set of drivers for all models of the cell modem. Again, both extracted files must be located in the same folder before running the installer.