FC-5000: Basic Training - Anatomy

Learn where physical items can be found on the FC-5000.

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FC-5000: Basic Training - Anatomy


  1. Ambient Light Sensor
  2. Front Facing Camera Lens, 2 MP
  3. Keypad
  4. Power Key
  5. Notification LEDs
  6. Touchscreen Display
  7. Protective Over-molded Bumper (all four edges)
  8. Microphone (one on each side)


9.  Rear Facing Camera Lens, 8MP

10. Camera Flash

11. Speaker

12. Battery Door Lock

13. Door to Removable Compartment and Card Slots

14. External Device Attachment Point (1 of 3 on the back)

15. Location of Internal Battery (not user accessible)

16. Stylus Storage Slot

Battery Compartment

17. Battery Pack, Removable

18. Battery Door

19. Micro Sim Card Slot and Micro SD/SDHC Card Slot (underneath card retainer)

20. Flexible Card Retainer

21. Battery Compartment

22. Docking Connection

23. Hand Strap Attachment Point (2 on each side)

Side Ports

24. Connector Port Protector

25. 12 V DC Power Input Jack

26. USB 3.0 Host, Full Size

27. Microphone/Speaker Jack

28. Stylus Storage Slot