FC-5000: Adding external Bluetooth Adaptor to increase range

FC-5000 UD100 Bluetooth adapter Configuration

  • Connect UD100 to the FC-5000
  • Go to Device Manager (press and hold  windows start button until menu pops up)
  • Under Bluetooth notice that Generic Bluetooth Radio has a warning icon next to it, press and hold, then tap disable.
  • Select Bluetooth Radio, press and hold, then tap disable, a window pops up click OK.


Select Generic Bluetooth Radio, press and hold, then tap enable. Now the warning icon is gone and the windows 10 device will use the USB for Bluetooth communication.


MAGNET now will use the UD100 as the Bluetooth device.

If you wish to test it unplug USB during operation and notice that MF will lose connection, to reestablish connection simply connect the UD100 back and go to connection and reconnect.