Delta Watch: Upgrading to v3.4

Simple step-by-step guide for upgrading Delta Watch

Describes the update process from v3.1 to v3.4

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Delta Watch: Upgrading to v3.4


With the introduction of Delta Watch v3.4 comes the Delta Live! web visualization, a major addition to the package. The Delta Live! add-on is a licensed module and will therefore not be visible with your current Delta Watch license. To test drive the Delta Live! experience, please contact your local dealer for more information and a demonstration. The good news: If you want to use Delta Live!, it requires minimal effort to get your existing projects ready for web access.

There are a range of other improvements made to Delta Watch. Many of these changes are behind-the-scenes improvements, and a few have changed the user interface. Most notably is the addition for all sensors to be ready for Delta Live!.

Upgrading from an older v3.x of Delta Watch is straightforward and requires no additional actions. If you are upgrading from v2.15, then follow the steps as set out in the article Delta Watch: Upgrading to v3.1.

For detailed information on other changes and improvements, please see the Revision history in the download section.

You can check your current Delta Watch version by going to Help > About Delta Watch.


We strongly suggest that if you are upgrading an existing Delta Watch system, which is used to actively process data, that you contact Topcon support for advice and possibly assistance with the process.


Here is an example of the Delta Live! project dashboard.