Delta Link: Product components

Get to know your Delta Link product and its various components. Identify the cables and connectors of your hardware, and see the difference between v1.0 and v2.0.

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Delta Link: Product components

Delta Link v1.0

Shown here with connector covers in place.

Delta Link v2.0

Shown here with all connector covers in place, showing both top and bottom plates, as the antennas have moved to the top plate.

What's in the Delta Link kit

    Delta Link v1.0 Delta Link v2.0
Delta Link Unit  



Mounting Kit

Suitable for either pole or wall mount, supplied with clips for poles up to 70 mm diameter

mounting kit included included

Wi-Fi Antenna

Connect to socket with label Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi antenna included included

Mobile Modem Antenna

Connect to socket with label MDM

Mobile modem antenna included included

Basic Weather Station Probe

Connect to GP port. Will need to be housed in an adequate weather shield for best operation.

Basic weather station probe included included
Backup Battery Box Backup battery box MkI with cable included  

AC Mains Connector

Connect to AC-IN port using a customer specified and suitable cable. See accessories for an office test cable.

AC mains connector shell included  

MDTS Interface Cable

Connect between total station and port labeled MDTS

Delta Link total station interface cable with connectors included  


Optional accessories

There is a limited range of accessories available for the Delta Link system. It is advised to purchase at least one AC mains test cable suitable for your region with your first Delta Link system. This allows testing and configuration in the office.

AC power supply

Primarily used for v2.0 units but can also connect to older versions. This connects to the DC-IN port and provides a 24 V DC supply voltage. For testing purposes, a power cord, as per below, can be used to connect.

Office test/configuration power supply cord

Used for powering a Delta Link unit in the office for configuration and/or testing purposes. This power cord is approximately 1.5 meters long and is available with 4 different locale plugs. This cable should not be used in the field!

For alternative DC power sources, such as solar; wind; fuel cell; battery only; or any combination, use the port labeled DC IN. A suitable connector is available.

DC-DC input module

Used on older Delta Link v1.0 models and only when an external power source is used that has an output voltage that does exceed the operating input voltage of 28 V DC of the Delta Link.

Connect this item directly to the port labelled DC-IN A, and connect your external power to this DC-DC unit. Spare DC-IN connectors are available.


Spare and replacement connectors

Various (replacement) connectors are available. All connectors are field re-wireable and have an IP65 or higher rating.

  1. AC mains connector
  2. DC-IN A
  3. GP and I/O port connector
  4. Total station or MDTS connector
  5. Ethernet cap (Delta Link v1.0)*
  6. Ethernet cap (Delta Link v2.0)*

*Cap fits around suitable pre-wired Ethernet cables. Refer to the Delta Link user manual for details.