Automatic X-53x performance logging

This guide covers the procedure to collect logs when the automatic excavator is not performing properly.

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Automatic X-53x performance logging

Performance troubleshooting

If the automatic X-53x hydraulics are not performing as expected, even after performing the hydraulic calibration again, there is a procedure to collect data for evaluation. This data can be examined and will hopefully point to what is causing performance problems.


  • Hydraulic calibration attempted more than once with no change in performance
  • Latest firmware, software, and calibration applications installed
  • USB drive
  • Video recording capability

Data logging procedure

  1. Launch 3D-MC.
  2. Go to Tools > Supervisor Mode. The password is "topcon" which enables the diagnostic menu.
  1. Go to the Tools > Diagnostics > MCiX Logging tab.
  2. Check Enable for the Debug control log.
  1. Press Start, and you will be prompted to enter the name for the logging file.
  2. Enter the name, and press OK. Data will now begin recording.
  1. Perform machine movements that caused the machine automatics to perform poorly.
  2. Record video footage of these movements so there is a matching visual for the logs being recorded.
  3. Perform the movements for one minute.
  4. Go back to Tools > Diagnostics > MCiX Logging
  5. Press Stop.
  1. Check Enable for the the Save sensors output, large log, and repeat the data and video recording process.
  1. Go to Tools > Diagnostics > FTP Transfer.
  2. Download the Debug and Sensor logs along with the Control_Calibration file by highlighting each file and pressing Download.
    • These files will be copied off the MC-X1 and stored in the 3D-MC folder on the control box.
  1. On the control box, go to My Device > Hard Disk > TOPCON > 3DMC. Copy the log folders to a USB drive.
  2. Open a support case with Professional Services.
  3. Use to email the log folders and corresponding videos to, and reference the existing case number.