Athene Spreader: Settings Screen Icons

Spreader Settings Icons

Technician, factory, and diagnostics menu should not need to be used during normal use.

  1. Technician menu. Requires a password for access.
  2. Factory menu. Requires a password for access.
  3. Diagnostics menu. Requires a password for access. 
  4. Return to the main menu.
  5. Product setup. 
  6. Alarm setup.
  7. Cycle between primary screens.
  8. Select calibration mode, add weight / tare.
  9. Set full working width. 
  10. Used to test the machine in the factory or if there is a problem with the normal forward speed signal.
  11. Start floor moving while spreader is stationary. 
  12. Configure units and forward speed options.
  13. Reduce spinner RPM on the boundary.