Power LED

PWR (Power Status) - on if the receiver is running (GREEN)

Status LED

STAT (Status)- the number of GREEN flashes indicate the number of GPS satellites being tracked. The number of ORANGE flashes indicate the number of GLONASS satellites being tracked. This is indicated by the same LED. Example: 6 Green flashes followed by 3 orange flashes = 9 Sat's in the solution fix.

The same LED flashing RED indicates that there is no satellites visible to the unit. 


RX/TX (Receive/Transmit) - status of the modem. Solid RED means transmitter mode, solid GREEN + flashing RED  indicates receiving mode, and flashing GREEN indicates not receiving signal.

System Fix LED

SYS FIX(System Fix)- indicates that the D/GPS solution is active. GREEN indicates correction source is received. RED indicates no correction source is received.