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Product Info

Complete integration
of geometrical and
imagery data types

Intuitive desktop software that gives you the power to integrate data types from multiple sensors, including scan data, existing designs and high-resolution stereo-images.

Key Features:

  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • 3D Model production with sub-millimetre accuracy
  • Combine survey, design and photogrammetric data with point clouds
  • Easily manage multiple models
  • Full surface, volume and contour tools
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Seamlessly integrating
digital imagery with 3D data

ImageMaster is the software solution to manage all data derived from our Capture Reality tools. Remember a picture paints a thousand words … add extra value to your 3D data by making use of oriented stereo-pair imagery! ImageMaster is the one software solution that deals with all of your mass 3D datasets. Available in Photo, Site and Pro editions.


With full wireless connectivity to the IS-3 Imaging Station series total stations, ImageMaster enables you to remotely collect and prepare 3D measurement data from within a safe and secure environment, combining the results with other datasets to produce comprehensive 3D models.

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