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Location-based scheduling and planning specifically for earthwork projects

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Unique production management with
mass haul optimisation

DynaRoad provides quicker, more realistic and accurate planning and analysis by building up from the map. Earthwork is all about moving and placing material in real physical space over time, and DynaRoad gives you tools especially built to maximise efficiency for doing just that.

Graphic visualisations allow you to display complex interacting variable over time in an easily-understood manner. Most importantly, it gives you the tools to better control your outcomes.

  • Map-based planning
  • Automatic mass haul calculation
  • Cut/fill balancing
  • Gantt chart schedules
  • Intelligent product forecasts
  • Optimised traffic planning
  • Dynaroad is now offered as MAGNET Project and has now added significant new features
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Real-time feedback directly from the site

Link DynaRoad and Sitelink3D and all the data from haul trucks and scrapers can be used to report current haul information into DynaRoad. Material quantities, material types, start and finish locations are updated all online. Then all progress and projections are updated automatially.

In DynaRoad, activities are based on the amount of work, resources and their production rates. All views are linked and updated in real time. This gives you full control of required machine production rate, while ensuring that your schedules are realistic and possible to complete on time.

MAGNET Project

DynaRoad Extended Product Video

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