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Manage, process, manipulate and deliver a customer friendly end-product

ScanMaster is the fast, efficient way to handle mass 3D data and turn it into easy-to-read images and output which keep you — and your customers — in the picture.

Key Features:

  • High volume scan and imaging data management
  • Completely customisable
  • Mass 3D point-cloud acquisition and manipulation
  • Cloud-to-cloud, target scans and tie-point registration
  • Multiple import / export data formats
  • Mesh object and annotation creation
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Putting the emphasis on manipulating your 3D data rather than capturing it!

So simple … ScanMaster has been designed to minimize the learning curve for the operator so that the data is the focus — not the skills of the operator — and with this, your project receives the best opportunity of being understood by all parties.

Meeting today’s requirements for effective data extraction functionality, ScanMaster ensures that from registration through to modelling all your needs are covered, and extensive import and export options ensure that we are compatible with many third-party software packages.

Free Viewer version available for review and decision-making

ScanMaster Viewer is a free version of the ScanMaster application. allowing anyone to view completed, processed 3D point clouds on their desktop. Managers, engineers, clients and any other decision-makers will apppreciate being able to see the data visually on their own computer, on their own schedule. Simply request a download of the ScanMaster software file, below. This will get you started viewing in minutes, and also serves as a trial version of the full software suite.

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