Pocket 3D: Setting up a jobsite with a single point localization

If a job does not need a full localization to a surveyor's control points, a single point localization can be performed.

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Pocket 3D: Setting up a jobsite with a single point localization

Create a new job

In the Data menu, select Project, then select the current project.

In the window that pops up, click New.

Name the job

Give your new job a name.

Uncheck Control points, localization, MM-GPS data.

Add a control point

In the Data menu, select Control > Control points.

Click Add.

Add coordinates

Give your control point arbitrary jobsite coordinates. It is best not to use zeroes for any of the values to better ensure that there will be no negative coordinates.

Measure GPS

Select the GPS tab.

Check the boxes Use horizontal and Use vertical.

Click Measure.

After the GPS measurement has been taken, the latitude (Lat), longitude (Lon), and height (Hgt) fields will populate, and you are ready to work.

Best practices

Control points cannot be measured with the tilt function enabled. 

If this needs to be disabled, go to the Setup menu, and check the box Enable tilt mode in receiver.

Collect several additional control points on the jobsite in case the original control point is destroyed. Be sure to uncheck the boxes for Use horizontal and Use vertical in the Control Point GPS tab.

Collect several other reference points that can be checked into on subsequent days to ensure accuracy.