Pocket 3D: Creating Quick Codes

Streamline your field data collection by creating Quick Codes in Pocket 3D.

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Pocket 3D: Creating Quick Codes

Navigate to the Quick Code menu

In the Survey menu, select Measure pts > QuickCodes.

Adding a Quick Code

In the List of available Quick Codes window, click Add.

Setting up a Quick Code

  1. Give your Quick Code a name. Short names work best as they will need to fit in the onscreen button.
  2. Add a point descriptor if desired.
  3. Select which layer the topo shots will be stored.
  4. Assign a starting point number.
  5. Select whether you want to create a polyline as the points are collected.
  6. Select the option to create a shortcut on the screen.

Define layer preferences

If a new layer was created, select which attributes you would like to see displayed on the screen, then select the color and type of point symbol.

Save the Quick Code

Select Ok to save your additions and changes.

Turn on Shortcuts

In the Display menu, select Shortcuts...

Select the Quick Code you wish to display, and click the check mark button.