Pocket 3D: Creating a cut sheet

In Pocket 3D, record attributes of topo shots, auto-topo, and stakeout measurements to a user-defined *.TXT or *.CSV file in your field collector.


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Pocket 3D: Creating a cut sheet

Cut Sheet

From the Survey menu, select Stake-out > Options.

Select the Cut Sheet tab at the top of the window.

Select whether you would like to enable the cut sheet for stake-out, AutoTopo/Topo-shot, or both.

Click the Format button.

Create a logging format

Click New.

Give your cut sheet a name.

Choose an extension (such as TXT or CSV).

Select whether attributes are divided by trailing comma, space, or tab.

Define the cut sheet format

From the Type drop-down menu, select each attribute you wish to include individually, hitting Add after each one.

Use the up and down arrows to move attributes up or down in the list. The list order will be the order in which the attributes will be saved to the file.

Click Ok.

Creating the text file

Click on the ... button.

Navigate to where you would like the file to save, and give the file a name.

Note: The default folder is C > Topcon, but you can save in a different folder.

Click Save.

Click Ok to save your cut sheet definitions.