FC-6000A: Android stuck during boot

FC- 6000A (Android) stuck during boot troubleshooting

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FC-6000A: Android stuck during boot

System update failed to complete

When an update appears on an FC-6000A Android unit, and you select to download then install it, if the update is interrupted (such as external power is removed while updating), that can cause the unit to get stuck during boot (such as at a Recovery or BIOS/Boot menu) or at a blank black screen (as if the unit will not turn on).

If this has occurred, you may need to attach an external power supply to the charging port and then attach a powered USB-C cable, in that order. If that does not revive the unit, then follow these steps:

  1. Remove the cables.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for up to 20 seconds. (If the red light is on, wait until the red light stops blinking.)
  3. Re-attach the external power supply, then the powered USB-C cable, again in that order.

If the unit turns on and completes boot, you can log in, then let the unit remain idle for 10 minutes to make sure the update completes.

System locked during boot

If a Google account had previously been set up on the device and you are attempting to set the device to a factory default state, you may be prompted to enter the password for that previous Google account before you are able to complete wiping the system. This is a security feature referred to as Google FRP (Factory Reset Protection). Click here for details.