3D-MC software: How to upload a 3D design to an excavator system

How to upload and prepare a design file for use in a 3D machine

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3D-MC software: How to upload a 3D design to an excavator system

Use Topcon's 3D-Office software to create a 3D design project.

Use the Software option to see the 3D view simulation and verify that it is correct.

To copy the design project to a USB drive, go to File > Save As.


Select USB drive, write the file name, and save the file type as *.TP3.


On the machine, open the GX-55 control box, and insert a USB drive.

Open the 3D-MC software, then go to File > Projects.

In the Project Files screen, click Copy                                          

Using the drop-down menu, select USB to 3D-MC folder.

Select your design project from the USB drive, and click Ok.

Then from the main menu, go to File > Projects

Select your project from the list, and click Ok.         

The design project has been uploaded to the machine's system. Go to File > Surfaces.


Select your 3D design surface from the list. Click the check mark.

Press Ok to show the 3D surface in your project.     



To make the 3D surface active in the project, go to File > Active > Surface to select your 3D surface from the list.

Now the project is ready with all 3D design data. You can see the profile view from the view menu, and the operator can start digging.