MAGNET Collage Web: Storage and Streaming Usage reports

The reports page shows the storage and streaming usage from the current user, and his/her organization, compared to the allowed quotas, which depend on the subscriptions purchased by the organization.

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MAGNET Collage Web: Storage and Streaming Usage reports


  • If the current user has an administrator role, he/she can see on this page the usage data for all the users in their organization.
  • The reporting page command is located in the user menu.

Current user report

  • The upper section of the page shows the usage data for the current user, with absolute values in Mb, and also the percentage from the total quota available to their organization.
  • The streaming or storage data can be expanded per object.
  • Note that those objects which do not consume any streaming (for instance, feature layers without images) are not displayed.

Organization report

  • The next section shows total data for the whole organization and it can also be expanded to show information per object.
  • Note that some objects like Projects and Feature Layers do not consume storage and are reported with "-" in the detailed view. Panorama layers consume storage because of their associated image files.

Per-user report

  • This section shows detailed data for each user.
  • If the current user is an administrator of the organization, he/she will be able to see all the users on the left side of the page, and select one to display detailed data for on the right side.