FC-6000: Activating AT&T cellular service

Problems activating AT&T cellular service on the FC-6000

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FC-6000: Activating AT&T cellular service

Problems activating AT&T cellular service

OS release 20043 or higher must be installed on the FC-6000 field controller for the cellular modem to function properly. This OS uninstalls older cellular modem drivers and installs newer drivers.

As of June 2020, AT&T data-only "tablet" plans may not be able to initially activate in the FC-6000. We are working with AT&T to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, a new Micro SIM card that has this plan may need to be initially activated in an FC-5000 field controller or other device, then moved to the FC-6000. Otherwise, you may need to use a smartphone plan instead in the FC-6000.

After properly inserting an active Micro SIM card, you may need to reboot by tapping on Start > Power > Restart.

Sometimes Windows 10 is unable to automatically initiate the cellular data service.

If this happens, you must uncheck Let Windows keep me connected under the wireless icon in the task bar or Let Windows manage this connection under Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular, then use the manual Disconnect and Connect buttons.

You may need to wait 30 seconds after tapping Connect for the connection to complete fully. After you are connected, you may want to check the box again.


Windows may state that you need to enter a SIM PIN or manually apply APN settings.

Most often, using the manual Disconnect and Connect buttons will eliminate these messages.

Only on rare occasions do you actually need to enter the default SIM PIN of 1111 or manually change or enter APN settings. (Sometimes you must switch them temporarily, then change back.)

These are done by going to Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular > Advanced options as shown.


Note: If you have a specific FC-6000 unit that will not activate any Micro SIM card from any cellular network provider, please contact your dealer for evaluation at a certified repair center.