FC-6000: IMEI and modem details

IMEI number location and other device info for activating a SIM card and troubleshooting

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FC-6000: IMEI and modem details

4G LTE data modem

The 4G LTE data modem is an option for the Mesa 3, adding wireless Wide Area Network data modem capability.

This modem supports all major service providers in North America, Europe, and many other regions of the world.

IMEI number

From the Start menu, go to Settings.

Then go to Network & Internet > Cellular.

Tap on the Cellular icon, and select Advanced Options.

The IMEI number is listed under Properties.

Set up a data account with a wireless provider

Contact a wireless provider to set up data service for the cellular data modem and obtain an account and Micro SIM card. You need to provide the following information when setting up an account:

  1. Billing information and business ID, such as your Federal Tax ID or VAT number.
  2. The wireless services required. Specify that you need data service only. You do not need voice or messaging services.

Note: Refer to FC-6000: Cellular network compatibility for additional instructions.

Additional details of 4G LTE data modem

  • Supports Micro SIM cards only (Micro SIM card header inside battery compartment with card detect feature and card retainer).
  • Does not support voice calls or SMS.