MAGNET Live: Creating new topics

Use collaboration features that are intended to ease communication among project parties and stakeholders with topics.

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MAGNET Live: Creating new topics

MAGNET Live includes collaboration features that are intended to ease communication among project parties and stakeholders.

A topic is a comment or an annotation on the project, task, or any other subject which is to be documented with a viewpoint as a part of the project that is related to the model.

A topic creates a conversation in which all project members can participate. Multiple viewpoints can be saved as topics.

To access topics, open the model in 3D viewer.


Active topics will open by default, but you can also sort by All and Resolved.

Using a topic

Selecting a topic to view zooms in automatically to the topic area in the model. Active topics are shown as highlighted points in the model, and inactive topics show as transparent, but they can still be viewed in the model (circled in orange).

Deselect a topic by clicking on empty space in the topic panel.

Topic points can also be viewed by selecting a label point in the model.

Creating topics

Create new topics by clicking +NEW TOPIC.

Name the topic, write a description, and click SAVE. After saving, the new topic can be viewed in the topic list.

Set a viewpoint for your topic by navigating to the model and zooming in to the correct spot with your mouse.

You can update the thumbnail for the topic's viewpoint by clicking Update thumbnail, mousing around the model image, and clicking SAVE.

Adding labels

Topics can be enhanced by adding labels that appear on the model in the viewer.

Select the target from the model and mark with a point or a line (circled in orange). Name the label, and click DONE.

Labels are displayed on the model.

Add topic descriptions as needed for others to view and comment on.

Commenting on topics

Topics can be commented on by navigating to a topic in the 3D viewer and clicking More Options > Open. All users can see who wrote a comment.

Editing and deleting topics

You can open, edit, resolve, and delete topics you have created by clicking More Options.

When a topic has been resolved, it can still be viewed by selecting Resolved in the drop-down menu.

Topic visibility

When creating topics, you can determine the topic visibility. You can set the topic to be visible only to your team (team members in the same organization). If you don't set the topic to be visible only among team members, then the topic is visible to everyone the model has been shared with.

Topics and labels can be hidden from the 3D model by clicking the arrow next to the topic panel.