TSshield: Checking an instrument's health status

TSshield analyzes collected error reports to assess the health status of the instrument. 

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TSshield: Checking an instrument's health status

Dashboard indicators

  1. The color of the indicator shown on the instrument list indicates the status of its health. There are three status levels:
    • Good (green)
    • Warning (yellow)
    • Error (red) 
  2. You can also check the number of instruments with each status via the Health icon at the top.

Check health status

From the list view, there are two ways to access the instrument's health status:

  1. Click on the instrument's colored indicator.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis, and select Health Status from the drop-down list. 

Health status window

  1. You can change between the Summary and Details tabs as required. Details shows the error history. 
  2. Click RESET to reset the health status and change the icon back to green (Good). At this time, any notes you recorded can be stored as a memo.
  3. Data can be downloaded and saved in three file formats:
    • PDF
    • .xlsx
    • .csv