TSshield: Changing instrument security mode

TSshield offers three distinct security instrument modes: Lock, Chase, and Normal.

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TSshield: Changing instrument security mode

Security modes

Normal: When you don't use the security function. The location information of the instrument is renewed every 24 hours.

Lock: It is possible to lock an instrument—which is mislaid or lost—by remote control from the TSshield portal. It prevents the instrument from being used without the owner’s permission.

Chasing: The location information of the instruments displayed on the dashboard is renewed every hour. This can help you determine the location of the instrument if it is stolen.

Access security mode

From the instrument list, select from the drop-down list which security mode should be applied to the specified total station.

Lock mode

The instrument is locked when it is connected to the server for the first time after setting the lock mode. Other than Power OFF, all the operations are invalid while the instrument is locked.

When the auto lock is activated by Geofence and Timefence, you can unlock in the following ways:

  1. Deactivate or delete the appropriate Geofence/Timefence.
  2. Delete targeted instruments from the setup condition of Geofence/Timefence.


Chasing mode

In chasing mode, the location of the instrument is renewed every 60 minutes. Chasing mode shortens the instrument's battery life, as compared to normal mode.

The instrument's power must be set to ON for the location to be communicated to TSshield.