TSshield: Adding maintenance plans

TSshield allows you to add up to 1,000 distinct maintenance plans. 

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TSshield: Adding maintenance plans

Add a maintenance plan

  1. From the left menu, go to Maintenance > PLANS.
  2. Click ADD MAINTENANCE to create a new maintenance plan.


Set up the maintenance plan

  1. Input the name of the maintenance plan.
  2. Click Due date, and select the date from the displayed calendar.
  3. Check Autocycle ON to enable automatic updates. The plan won't be updated unless you check this.
  4. Set the Interval of autocycle, which occurs monthly (1 to 36 months).
  5. Click Period to set the expiring soon timeframe (1 to 31 days), which will send out an advance notification. Click Send notification at to set the specific time of day. 
  6. Check Insert text to enter the text of the outgoing email.
  7. You can describe the maintenance that will be performed in a Note. The entered text will be shown on the list of the maintenance plan, which makes management easy. 
  8. Set where the Notification goes:
    • Check To instrument to send the message to the designated instrument.
    • Check Notify the following emails to send to one or multiple recipients. Use a comma (,) to separate email addresses.
    • Click PREVIEW to show the contents of the notification.

Select instruments

Send a maintenance plan to the instrument(s).

  1. Search and filter instruments via the search field at the top.
  2. Click Select all / Remove all to select or deselect all.
  3. Select specific instruments which each check box.
  4. Click SAVE.