MAGNET Enterprise: Project Management - Project Accounting

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Accounting gives an up-to-date summary for each task in the project in tabular form. Columns in the table include the following:

  • Task – This is taken from the active proposal 
  • Start Date – This is the date that hours were first charged to the task 
  • Completion Date – This is the date the task was completed 
  • % Complete – This is taken from the submitted Timecards 
  • Health – This is Loss, Break Even, or Profit 
  • Estimate – This is the estimate for the task from the active proposal 
  • Cost – This is your cost based on submitted Timecards 
  • Net – This is Estimate minus Cost 
  • Factors – This is a user entry field to list any factors that affected completion of the task or contributed to a loss. An example could be “bad weather”.