3D-MC: Intelligent Compaction - Unit and Extent

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  • When using the IC application, it is necessary to set the sensor units and extents
  • This will provide more accurate As-Built mapping and reporting 
  • The sensor information is found in the Machine Builder
  • Scroll through all the menus until you get to the <Units and Extents>
  • The Unit and Extents screen contains five tabs
  • Define the units and value limits that need to be incuded and reported
  • Values outside the set upper and lower bounds are not recorded.
  • The ICMV tab is where the stiffness information is set for the accelerometer outputs.
  • The C63 system uses a unitless setting.
  • MN/m and MN/m^2 are additional options for other accelerometers 
  • Temperature values can be adjusted for specific material types
  • Using IC on soils does not require temperaure sensor information, so these fields may be left blank in those applications
  • Speed can be set to a variety of different units
  • Upper and lower bounds are generally not set.
  • Instead use the <Use Absolute Value> option so all speeds are recorded
  • Frequency and Amplitude values are based on the machine make and model and are read by the accelerometer.
  • The values can be determined by reading the  specifications provided by the machine  manufacturer