3D-MC: Intelligent Compaction - Roller Direction

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  • There are two options for sensing direction using the C63 IC system
  • A backup relay can be plugged into the system, similar to a dozer, and detect a reverse alarm.
  • Rollers generally move in straight lines, so the GPS position is adequate
  • When using the optional Relay Kit, the sensor should be plugged into the number 2 controller connector
  • In most IC applications the Relay is not required.
  • When connected to an MC-i3 or MC-i4, reverse detection defaults to <ON> under the <Direction> option in the Web Interface
  • Using IC without reverse detection, it is necessary to turn off this option by selecting <Edit> and unchecking the Reverse Switch selection box
  • If using GPS position only for direction, a hot key is available in the event that the machine loses orientation
  • It is not required to toggle this hot key every time the machine moves forward and back
  • Only if the machine loses orientation due to bad satellite signal or setting for an extended about of time
  • The Hot Key can be activated by selecting <View> in the main menu from the main screen
  • In the dropdown menu select <Display Options>
  • in the next menu select the <Shortcuts> option
  • From the Shortcut screen locate <Toggle Direction>
  • Highlight the selection and <Modify> to turn on
  • The Hot Key will now be available on the main screen