3D-MC: Intelligent Compaction - Intelligent Compaction Measurement Value

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  • The Intelligent Compaction Measurment Value (ICMV) is a value based on the signal sent from the accelerometer that measures drum vibration and feedback from material stiffness.
  • The ICMV can be viewed in the Overlay Display and also as a stiffness indicator within 3D-MC
  • The value can also be reported as an As-Built map on the main display


  • While rolling a test pattern, observe the minimum ICMV value displayed when rolling is commenced
  • The maximum value is reached when the ICMV will no longer increase.
  • Note both the maximum and minimum values
  • In the Machine Builder, Select the curent roller and <Edit>
  • Proceed to the Units and Extents screen 
  • The ICMV field will be the first available Tab
  • When using the Topcon Accelerometer, select <unitless> in the units drop down
  • Enter the minimum ICMV observed value in the <Lower Bounds> field
  • Enter the maximum ICMV observed value in the <Upper Bounds> field
  • Check both adjacent boxes
  • Under the <Display Options> menu, the As-Built color palette can be defined
  • The Offset and Interval are defined by the upper and lower bound setting, but can be manipulated for the desired As-Built map display