Nature Called

Nature called, it wants its nutrients back.

The brown gold not only contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients but also adds organic matter to the soil. In turn, this can amend soil structure, aeration, soil moisture-holding capacity, and water infiltration.

Reduce input costs, increase yields, and verify how much is being hauled to each field. Want to know more? Schedule an appointment to talk with our spreading experts.

Increase Yields by 10%

Manure is a valuable source of plant nutrients but also a potential pollutant. Proper management of nutrients from commercial fertilizers and organic sources is important to protect our environment and to have economically and environmentally sustainable livestock operations.

Get More out of Manure with the most accurate system available

Topcon provides solutions you can grow into; which can measure and control how much manure goes where using precision rate control and scales.  The Athene Sl2 easily ties into your Topcon Guidance system and utilizes your spreaders load cells for accurate spreading efficiency. With plus or minus 1% accuracy, the Topcon system offers variable rate, straight rate, as-applied maps and can apply based on prescription.

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