Auto Section Control

Easily accommodate point rows
or triangular-shaped fields

Product Info

10-30 section control for spreading or spraying

The Topcon ASC-10 auto section controller provides ten-section sprayer or spreader control and handles point rows or triangular-shaped fields with ease. ASC-10 automatically switches sections on and off as you cross previously applied areas, move outside field boundaries, or cross exclusion zones.

ASC-10 eliminates gaps and overlaps and reduces inputs while protecting your crops. Liquid Rate Control keeps application rates constant even with varied vehicle speeds. Additional ASC-10’s can be stacked or connected to provide up to 30-section control.

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ASC-10 Specifications

Input Voltage*
9 – 18V DC
*Protected with a 22V TVS
RS-232C Serial
Internally selectable
Input Voltage
10 section sensing; 10V CMOS logic level Capable of 30V
Output Voltage
10 12V relay output rated to drive 1A @ 65 degrees
Physical and Environmental
Operating Temperature
-20 to +60ºC
Storage Temperature
-40 to +80ºC
I/O Communications
10 section sense inputs/drive outputs
2 Encoder inputs
2 Analog inputs
2 proportional or 2 regulator valve drives
*flow meter, feedback sensors, pump speed
**pressure, actuator position
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