MAGNET Office Tools: Installation on an FC-5000

You watched the Pro Series Webinar about getting the maximum out of your FC-5000? Here´s how you install MAGNET Office Tools on your FC-5000.

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MAGNET Office Tools: Installation on an FC-5000

MAGNET Office Tools: Installation on an FC-5000

  • Tap on the Network connections symbol on the Windows taskbar

  • Connect the FC-5000 to a local Wi-Fi for internet connection

  • Download one of the MAGNET Office 64-Bit packages

  • Extract the ZIP-file
  • Select the executable file and tap / hold on it for a second
  • In the context menu select Run as administrator
  • Proceed through the normal MAGNET software installation process
  • Ensure to check MAGNET Tools
  • Ensure to check Projections
  • Ensure to check Import / Export for Bentley and Autodesk workflows
  • Tap on Install
  • Once finished both MAGNET Office and MAGNET Office Tools were installed

  • Icons will show up on the Desktop of the FC-5000

  • MAGNET software products are now ready to perform an online activation using MAGNET Enterprise credentials and purchased software serial number