Topcon announces Russian manufacturing agreement

For more than fifteen years, Topcon Positioning Group has invested in Russia by locating our positioning technology research and development center in Moscow. The Topcon Technology Center employs a significant number of scientists and engineers leading research and development projects in satellite and inertial positioning technology, working with other Topcon technical centers around the globe.

Beginning this year (2016), Topcon is also partnering with the Russian manufacturer NPP IZEP OOO to build our GNSS receivers and other positioning products specifically for the Russian market. NPP IZEP OOO  will manufacture products for both the Topcon and Sokkia brands of positioning and measurement instruments at their facility located in Moscow. Manufacturing quality is controlled by Topcon’s strict production management systems to ensure that locally produced products meet the high standards achieved in Topcon’s other facilities and customers receive the same quality product.

Alexander Shakh, general director, NPP IZEP OOO, said, “The plant is furnished with the most modern equipment and automated quality control system. Having production being done here in Moscow will ensure that we meet or exceed the high level of quality as the products produced by Topcon facilities in other locations.”

Eduardo Falcon, Topcon executive vice president and general manager of its global GeoPositioning Group, said, “Our state-of-the-art systems and instruments will be manufactured to assure they are ideally configured to meet, and exceed, the expectations of our Russian customers. We are pleased with our partnership with NPP IZEP OOO and the professionalism of the team, which ensures Topcon is ready to meet the growing market demand for Russian made precision products.”

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