Blog - A New Position on Infrastructure

Technology has revolutionised the way we experience and view the world around us. We use apps on our smartphones to navigate and plan our journeys around our cities and towns. This availability of data has become common place, accessible at the touch of a screen.

These advances in technology to measure the world around us have also revolutionised the way we design, plan and build. Recently in the infrastructure sector, there have been huge advances in the levels of accuracy and the density of data which can be collected.

The Intersection of Infrastructure and Technology is Topcon’s expression of the idea that advances in positioning technology can revolutionise the way we create and maintain infrastructure. Topcon’s technology provides high accuracy and dense data and makes workflows and processes more autonomous, meaning fewer people on site, quicker turnaround on projects and lower costs.

This move towards smarter working is a necessity if we’re to meet the global demand for new infrastructure development and management of aging infrastructure assets. This pressure is set to intensify with the predicted urban growth, increasing population density and modernization of developing regions.

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