Blog - Bringing big data to life: exploring MAGNET Collage through Immersive VR

Sharing and working collaboratively on big data is one of the toughest challenges the geospatial industry face. How do you bring to life the information which has been collected and make it meaningful and accessible to all involved in a project?

At this year’s Intergeo event in Berlin, Topcon is showcasing how virtual reality can be used to bring data to life with its Immersive Point Cloud Workspace using its latest MAGNET software solution – MAGNET Collage.

The four meter diameter virtual reality dome at the Topcon stand guides visitors through a series of real life projects, including the Topcon offices in Livermore. The 3D data of the projects has been collated through MAGNET Collage which enables both Georeferenced images and point clouds from any source, whether it’s mobile, static or aerial or even direct from lidar of via photogrammetric methods.

Topcon is also showcasing the projects online here so users can explore the data from the point cloud and try out some of the functionalities of MAGNET Collage, such as taking measurements of cross sections of the projects.

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