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Lay out and scan on a single setup

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Work more productively, more efficiently, and keep your teams better informed with the GTL-1000. You have a single instrument to lay out and scan on a single setup. It combines a fast laser scanner and robotic total station, all in one efficient system.

Combined with ClearEdge3D Verity, this solution offers a new standard of evolutionary construction verification workflows.

  • Quick lay out and scanning with a single instrument
  • Instantaneous point cloud registration
  • Full dome scan and images in seconds
  • Scan density tailored to minimise software processing time
  • Point clouds accurately matched to BIM model coordinates


GTL-1000 is perfect for:

Construction lay out and verification for:

  • Mechanical/plumbing
  • Layout and survey
  • Structural steel
  • Structural concrete
  • Plant/equipment installation
  • Prefabricated/modular

Simplified construction verification workflows

Our scanning solutions help you work more productively. Using ClearEdge3D Verity, the simplified verification workflows cover a range of applications, such as documenting jobsite as-built conditions and performing construction verification to ensure your projects are built 100% to plan.

GLS-2200 or GTL-1200


Collage and Collage Web


ClearEdge3D Verity


Fast and simple construction verification

The Topcon GTL-1000 is a compact scanner with a fully featured robotic total station, offering site managers a dual-function instrument designed to complete layout and scan on a single setup. It replaces infrequent “spot-checks” with a revolutionary vertical construction verification process and compresses all steps from days to hours, dramatically reducing errors and cost.

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