Sitelink3D v2: Web portal overview

An overview of the new Sitelink3D v2 web portal

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Sitelink3D v2: Web portal overview

Sitelink3D v2 can be accessed from an all-new web portal.

The login for Sitelink3D v2 is the same as your login for other Topcon websites such as myTopcon, MAGNET Enterprise, and Collage Web. The My Apps icon in the upper left can be used to navigate among these websites.

The following menus are available in the Sitelink3D v2 web portal:

  • Sitelink3D menu: Create new sites and assign user permissions
  • Jobsite menu: Manage site keys, files, metadata, and site information
  • Working Set Manager: Create and manage working sets
  • File Manager: Upload regions, design data, and localizations from Topcon files
  • Metadata Manager: Create and assign delays, materials, operators, regions, and shift plans
  • Support Desk: Connect remotely to machines at the current site
  • Map Overlays: Toggle the visibility of layers, surfaces, and alignments on top of the map view
  • Search function: Search for an address or location
  • Globe options: Change the map view between aerial, map, and street views; toggle ellipsoid or STK terrain data for 3D representation
  • Machine list: View a list of all machines assigned to the site, and view details of online machines

Sitelink3D menu

The Sitelink3D menu can do the following:

  • Create new sites
  • Manage existing sites
  • Add/manage user groups
  • Connect to the site's Support Desk
  • Upload log files from offline machines
  • Generate an owner key to add new admins to the site
  • Modify user preferences for map, shortcut, and time options
  • Access a help desk that includes the Sitelink3D v2 user guide, quick reference guide, software downloads, and links to Sitelink3D v2 eLearning content

Jobsite menu

The Jobsite menu contains shortcuts to the following:

  • Modify site settings
  • Generate new site keys
  • Access to the File Manager and Metadata Manager
  • Generate reports
  • View site data and create a site file (*.TS3)

Working Set Manager

The Working Set Manager allows you to create new working sets that include regions, surfaces, linework, and alignments unique to specific applications on the job.

For example, a working set named "Sewer Ex" contains alignment and linework related to the excavation of the sewer pipes. Another working set named "Grading" includes linework and surfaces relative to the grading of the jobsite.

These working sets can be selected in 3D-MC as needed. This allows the excavator digging trenches for sewer pipes to only see data related to that action. Likewise, the dozer operator moving dirt in the parking lot can use the "Grading" working set to only see surfaces and linework related to his operation.

File Manager

The File Manager allows Sitelink administrators to upload any Topcon machine control file and extract data from it to be stored on the Sitelink jobsite. Admins have the ability to import regions, to design data and localization data into the current job, or to download data files from the job.

Metadata Manager

The Metadata Manager is where delays, materials, operators, and assets can be assigned. Regions and Shift Plans can also be created and modified.

Support Desk

The Support Desk is where machines can be connected to remotely. All machines activated on the site will be listed, with online machines designated by a small green light.  

Users can also initiate a wireless file transfer between the office and machine to send everything from new project files to firmware packages that can be remotely installed using the Remote Connect option.

Map Overlays

The Map Overlays menu allows users to toggle project overlays in the map view. Any linework, surface, or alignment loaded into the project can be overlaid on the map view in 3D.


The Search bar can be used to search for an address or location. This function works very similar to most map webpages and apps.

Globe Options

The Globe Options change how the map view looks. Users have the following options for imagery and terrain.


  • Bing Maps Aerial with Labels
  • Big Maps Aerial
  • Big Maps Roads
  • Open Street Map


  • STK World Terrain (3D terrain)
  • WGS84 Ellipsoid

Additionally, a U.S. weather radar map can be toggled on/off.

Machines List

The Machines List at the bottom left of the screen will show all machines assigned to the current site. All machines activated on the site will be listed, with online machines designated by a small green light.  

Finally, Sitelink3D v2 has the ability to view the map in an orthographic view. This can be done by moving on the map while either holding down the middle mouse button or holding the CTRL button while moving with the left mouse button.

Machines are shown as 3D models that update in near real time. 

If the STK World Terrain is enabled in Globe Options, 3D terrain will be reflected in the orthographic view.