Sitelink3D v2: Joining a remote site in 3D-MC

How to join a remote Sitelink3D v2 site in 3D-MC

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Sitelink3D v2: Joining a remote site in 3D-MC

Currently, Sitelink3D v2 sites are only supported by 3D-MC v15.x releases and the Haul Truck mobile app.

Sitelink3D v2 gives you the option to join sites that you are currently not on with a Site ID and Access PIN.

To add the site, go to Data > Sites...

In the Sites menu, you will see a list of all sites currently loaded onto that display. Any Sitelink3D hosted site will be shown with a Sitelink3D connectivity icon to the left of the Name.

To add a new site, hit the Add... button.

In the Add Site menu, select Existing Sitelink3D Site from the list.

Now, hit the Next button.

From the Add drop-down list, choose by Site ID.


You will be required to enter a Site ID. This ID can be found in the Sitelink3D web portal by selecting the job menu and going to Site Information.

If an Access PIN was created, it can be entered as well. Access PINs are optional but allow anyone to connect to the site if they have the Site ID.

Now, hit the Ok button.

You should now see the message: Site has been successfully added.

Make sure it's selected from the list, and hit the OK button.

Once connected, you can hit the green Sitelink3D icon in the bottom middle of 3D-MC to change jobsites.