Sitelink3D v2: Creating working sets

An overview of how to create working sets in Sitelink3D v2

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Sitelink3D v2: Creating working sets

Working sets are a new feature in Topcon machine control software. They allow data to be bundled in predefined sets that the equipment operator can then select from to see the relevant data. 

For example, the crew working on utilities may not need the same data the curbing crew would need. Now, users can create working sets tailored to each aspect of the jobsite.

Working sets are a requirement for using the Haul Truck mobile app.

To access working sets, click on the Clipboard icon in the top bar of the Sitelink3D v2 web portal.

Inside the Working Set Manager, you will see all of the created working sets available for this site.

To create a new working set, click on the green + New button in the upper right.

Now you will be able to include a variety of data into the working set. This data includes:

  • Activities
  • Delays
  • Materials
  • Regions
  • Topo Point Layers
  • As-built Layers and Configurations
  • Design Objects


To add design objects, you must have a *.TP3 file loaded into the site that contains points, linework, surfaces, and/or alignments.

The left column is all the data available on the site. Data is grouped between layers, surfaces, and alignments. Layers is further broken down between points and linework when applicable.

To apply all data to the working set, hit the >> button.

To apply individual data to the working set, check the box next to the data, then hit the > button.

Multiple design objects can be transferred at a time by checking the boxes next to each object, then hitting the button.

Once all objects are added, hit the green Save button in the lower right.

The working set will now be available for selection in 3D-MC.

Occasionally, you may see a red icon appear next to the blue working set icon. This indicates that there has been a change to the working set that requires manual approval to deploy into the field.  

This icon can appear when design objects are updated or archived from the project.

This is a failsafe to prevent information being automatically sent into the field that can immediately impact a machine that is actively grading to a surface or alignment.