Sitelink3D v2: Creating site roles and user groups

How to create user groups and site roles in Sitelink3D v2

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Sitelink3D v2: Creating site roles and user groups

The User Manager in Sitelink3D v2 is used to designate roles to various organization members. These roles can be different from site to site within the organization's dashboard. You can also create custom groups of members for easier assignment and custom roles depending on the site's needs.

Only members of the current organization can be added in the User Manager. For more information on how to add new users to your organization, see the myTopcon document on Organizations.

To access the User Manager, click on the Sitelink3D icon and select User Manager.

Inside the User Manager, you will see a list of available Sitelink sites within your organization. Clicking on a jobsite allows you to set permissions for just that site.

Creating user groups

The blue Manage User Groups button lets you bundle multiple people within the organization into one group for easy assignment into roles.

Click the green + New User Group button to create a new group.

In the Name field, specify a name for the group.

Under Members, select the organization members who will be part of this group.

Once everything is selected, click the green Save button in the lower right.

Defining a new site role

New site roles can be defined by clicking on the green + New Site Role button in the upper right.


In the New Site Role manager, the Name field will be what the new site role will be called.

Under the Name, there are checkboxes for various permissions within Sitelink3D v2. Checking the box next to View Site allows any user assigned to that role to have permission to view the site.

Actions are grouped into Site, Haul Truck, RDS weighing, Compaction, and Survey.

Set the permissions accordingly, and click Save in the lower right when finished.

Assigning users to roles

To assign users to specific roles, left-click on the role, and click the yellow Manage Members icon in the upper right.

Check the box next to any members or member groups you want to assign to this role.

Once finished, click Save.

You should see the users and user groups you selected on the previous screen are now assigned to the right of the role.