MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk: Surface models

How to manage surface model element parameters in MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk

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MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk: Surface models

A surface model is a terrain which consists of 3D face elements. The surface model object reads AutoCAD 3D face elements. If no surface model is defined, a flat surface is generated.


•  surface  

The terrain surface model is read from 3D face elements in the drawing. The default value is shown with an asterisk (*), which means that all 3D faces from all AutoCAD layers are to be included in the terrain surface.

•  description 

A descriptive text for the entry. If defined, it will be shown instead of the long description.

•  cut_mode

  • no = Surfaces are generated as normal surfaces.
  • yes = Surfaces will be cut into surfaces generated before this surface. A hole as large as the surface will be created, and this new surface will be added to this hole. If the surfaces differ, there might appear to be holes between the surfaces. Surfaces are not altered in any way.
  • weld = In addition to yes mode, the surface edges are connected together so that there are no holes between the surfaces.

•  group 

Allows adding a surface into a group.