MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk: Importing mesh data

How to import mesh data into MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk.

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MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk: Importing mesh data

The MeshImportPlugin is used to import different mesh data into a MAGNET Modeler model. You can import data from different file formats:

  • Autodesk FBX (*.fbx)
  • Autodesk DXF (*.dxf)
  • Collada (*.dae)
  • Collada (*.xml)
  • 3D Studio Max 3DS (*.3ds)
  • Wavefront Object (*.obj)

Using the plugin

The plugin can be accessed by the MeshImportPlugin icon in the MAGNET Modeler user interface.

You can add a new file by double-clicking the icon or right-clicking it and selecting insert. The Mesh Insertion Parameters dialog box opens, and you can select a file to import.

You can choose to import data as mesh or as surface.

You can specify Main Group, Origo, Rotation, and Scale. 

If you have added a file to MAGNET Modeler, it is shown in the user interface. You can edit settings by double-clicking the added item or right-clicking it and selecting settings. The item can be deleted by pressing delete or selecting remove.